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Pokédex Number #087
Classification Sea Lion Pokémon
Avg. Weight 120 kg
Avg. Height 1.70 m
Evolves From Seel
Name (en) Dewgong
Name (de) Jugong
Name (fr) Lamantine
Name (jp) ジュゴン
Name (ko) 쥬레곤

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Seel requires 50 Seel Candy to evolve to Dewgong.

Dewgong cannot evolve anymore.

Seel.png Evolves to Dewgong.png
Seel Dewgong

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Dewgong will have one of the basic attacks and one of the special attacks. Which attacks the pokémon gets is random. The number for the special attacks shows how many special attacks the pokémon can store during a battle

Basic attacks[edit | edit source]

Type Attack Power DPS Cooldown Energy EPS
Icon Ice.png Frost Breath 9 11.11 0.81 s 7 8.64
Icon Ice.png Ice Shard 15 10.71 1.4 s 12 8.57

Special attacks[edit | edit source]

Type Attack Power DPS Cooldown Critical Hit # of Charges
Icon Water.png Aqua Jet 25 10.64 2.35 s 5% 5
Icon Ice.png Blizzard 100 25.64 3.9 s 5% 1
Icon Ice.png Icy Wind 25 6.58 3.8 s 5% 5

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