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There are many different items in Pokémon GO. Trainers receive items as rewards for leveling up, visiting PokéStops, or by purchasing them through the Shop with PokéCoins.

A Trainer can have up to 350 items at the start of the game. The amount of items that can be carried can be increased by 50 by purchasing the Bag Upgrade from the Shop for Pokécoin.png 200. This can be done up to a maximum of 1000.

Poké Balls[edit | edit source]

Poké Ball.png Great Ball.png Ultra Ball.png Master Ball.png Premiere Ball.png
Poké Ball Great Ball Ultra Ball Master Ball Premiere Ball

Healing items[edit | edit source]

Potion.png Super Potion.png Hyper Potion.png Max Potion.png Revive.png Max Revive.png
Potion Super Potion Hyper Potion Max Potion Revive Max Revive

Utility items[edit | edit source]

Incense.png Lucky Egg.png Lure Module.png Rare Candy.png EggIncubatorEmpty.png EggIncubatorEmptyUnlimited.png
Incense Lucky Egg Lure Module Rare Candy Egg Incubator Egg Incubator (Unlimited)

Berries[edit | edit source]

Razz Berry.png Nanab Berry.png Pinap Berry.png Golden Razz Berry.png
Razz Berry Nanab Berry Pinap Berry Golden Razz Berry

Other items[edit | edit source]

Egg.png Stardust.png Candy Ditto.png Camera.png Pokécoin.png
Egg Stardust Candy Camera PokéCoin